Yogini Fusion




The 64 Yoginis of Hirapur reside inside an open-air temple in Odisha, India.


These small, inscrutable statues with their doll-like figures and sweet faces appear eternally juxtaposed to the fierce weapons they so blithely brandish. 

The temple’s images have become the inspiration for Moria’s continuing research into their history, legends, mythology, and most importantly, their dance.



In YOGINI FUSION, Moria introduces the underlying yogini mysteries vis-à-vis shapes and compositions in order to trigger the awakening of the female potential naturally embedded in our DNA.

These extraordinary energy fields, whose access was restricted or truncated long ago, still reside in the body and can be accessed by our muscles and tendons as well as viscerally understood by our physical and alchemical responses to their rhythms.

The workshop is designed to physically share information about the ages-old yogini tradition in order to meld the yogini energy with Odissi Temple Dance Fusion.

When you incorporate these ancient movements into your dance repertoire, you regain the strength, grace, and archetypal knowledge hardwired in your bones.

Photographer: Scott Belding, Devansh Jhaveri







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