Tribal Fusion Fundamentals




TRIBAL FUSION FUNDAMENTALS  teaches the postures, hand articulation, essential combinations, and spinning techniques that comprise the foundation of Tribal Fusion belly dance.



In this exciting and informative workshop, Moria shares the lifted postures, torso articulations, arm positiong and hip movments that overlap to form fusion combinations.



For dancers who are new to tribal fusion, or for those who are looking for new fusion combinations and fresh inspiration, Moria will methodically, comprehensively, and creatively teach drills, patterns and choreography to help dancers invigorate their newfound fusion expression.

Tribal Fusion Fundamentals on Stage

This is an example of how Tribal Fusion Fundamentals based on Moria's Muscular Belly Dance Technique (MBDT) can be applied to a Tribal Fusion performance.

Moria's Tribal Fusion Belly Dance improvisational solo was performed in the show "Feminine Divine"

at TribalFestion in Vienna, Austria.


Original Costuming created by Moria Chappell

Photographer: Andre Elbing







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