Illustration of implementing lines-of-force in a performance for Tribal Fest in California





CHOREOGRAPHY focuses on the craft of designing sequences of movement where form and motion are clearly specified.

Moria is known worldwide for her solos, duets, ensemble pieces, and full-length shows that beautifully demonstrate this understanding of how to design sequences of movement into captivating stage performances.

Moria implements asymmetrical lines in an ensemble piece from her show "Nocturnal"
Example of the juxtaposion of angle and curve during a solo piece in Hong Kong








These Tribal Fusion pieces are infused with the juxtaposition of staccato and fluid, etheric and weighty, sacred and profane.

Through the powerful alchemy of ancient and nouveau which incorporates Oriental and Tribal Fusion artistry, the goal is to produce a vibrant tableaux of light and dark, soft and strong, fiery and temperate to pull each dancer to her edge and offer what she embodies most on the stage. 

The power of geometric shapes is illustrated in a photoshoot from Belarus
The juxtaposition of shapes forming 90 degree angles is demonstrated in "Incantation"


Bringing this expertise to the classroom, Moria demonstrates how to create choreographies that are memorable and exciting using classic modalities for entering and exiting the stage, maintaining a dominant position while on stage, and

creating drama by utilizing proven techniques for drawing the gaze of the audience onto the geometric shapes a dancer creates with the outline and substance of her body.

Illustration of the science of shapes-in-motion during an ensemble piece from "Incantation"

CHOREOGRAPY is designed to help you create works of art that are elegant, exciting, and powerfully expressed in your stage performances, videos, and photoshoots.

Moria's CHOREOGRAPHY workshop is primarily experiential and movement oriented.  To illustrate the how-to of creating great choreographies, the workshop includes an image-rich PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates dance's sequences of movement.

Fluid lines and symmetry are illustrated in the duet "Hecate and Her Crow" from Moria's theatrical show "Incantation"

Whether you are interested in crafting solos, duets, trios, or ensemble pieces for larger groups, CHOREOGRAPHY is an essential workshop for enhancing your artistic expertise in the fundamentals of Tribal Fusion belly dance.

Moria's choreography for "Feminine Divine" during Olympia Goulia's gala show in Tribal Festion, Austria

Example of Moria's Group Choreographies


Comment on "Aquarius"

"Beautiful!  Moria you have manifested such amazing choreography and conceptual vision.  I could say without reservation that you are one of the best belly dancers in the world (literally) and clearly are working with very talented dancers!  Bravo !  You deserve high praises for your contribution to Tribal Fusion Bellydance!"


~ Madam Vonkook

"Court of the Red Snake Queen"

Comment on "Court of the Red Snake Queen"

"I need a temple and some incense burning
while I'm watching this.  Amazing."
~ Netera Pratt-Gutierrez

Still Photography: Dominique Cognee, Julia Santonocito







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