Slow & Strong


SLOW & STRONG uses multiple fusion combinations to focus on steady and smooth transition techniques for complete body fluidity.


In this essential workshop, you will learn the power of smooth, slow movements into and through a variety of shapes and poses.





Dancing slowly has its own principles and ideology, which emphasizes extended muscle contraction and flexibility to create big, sensuous combinations poured through the limbs with an intensity of flow.







As we focus on the muscles between the muscles, and using a variety of shapes and poses inspired by Indian temple dance, we will begin to incorporate jaw-dropping backbends and elegant level changes.

The SLOW & STRONG workshop will culminate in an aesthetically sumptuous tribal-fusion choreography.

Slow & Strong in Action

"Les Soeurs Divines"

Moria and Tigerlily performed this duet for the show

"Feminine Divine" at TribalFestion in Vienna, Austria.


"Les Soeurs Divines" was choreographed by Moria and Tigerlily using Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Odissi Indian Temple Dance, and Chinese Dun Huang Dance techniques.


Costuming by Moria Chappell

Photographer: Ambrosia Photography







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