Moria performs in venues around the world from Singapore to Seattle, London to Leipzig, Paris to New York City.  She graces guaze-draped stages in historic venues, curtainless stages in aluminum-clad industrial settings, and velvet-draped stages in gilded metropolitan cities.


Playing before an audience of four clustered on pillows or four thousand jostling in massive arenas, Moria consistently entertains at her finest.

Please enjoy videos of some of her performances.

Shanghai, China

"She makes impossible moves look effortless--
the litmus test of a true Master."
~ Loredha

Los Angeles, CA

Bellydance Superstars Show: Bombay Bellywood

Shanghai, China

Bellydance Superstars Show: Spectacle de Shanghai

Tokyo, Japan

Bellydance Superstars Show: Babelesque

Hong Kong

“I love this woman.  I met her in the feldav and she is such a sweetheart...  I love tribal because of her  :D”

~ Jetsy 1992

Japan 2010

“Best Bellidance show in the world!”

~ Jose Lopez

“Fantastic choreography!  Totally beautiful!  Love it!”

~ Molarmama







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