64 Yoginis: House of Creation

“What is here is elsewhere.

What is not here is nowhere.”





The 64 YOGINIS workshop focuses on sixty-four statues that stand in niches encircled by a mandala-shaped temple known as the Hirapur Chausat Yogini Shrine located near Bhubaneswar, India.


This round, open-air temple, thought to have been constructed in the 9th century CE, houses sixty-four, doll-sized goddesses who dance atop their vahana, a Sanskrit word meaning “that which carries or pulls.”


In this regard, they serve as the devi’s vehicle and are referred to as her mount.  These rich symbols also serve as clues to a Yogini’s mythological essence.




In this experiential workshop, Moria shares the intriguing yogini mysteries. 


Moria will briefly share all of the yoginis and their human models via a beautiful, image-rich PowerPoint, however an emphasis is then placed on the first eight Yoginis residing in their “House of Creation.”

You will experience the initial eight yoginis and their mounts in order to learn their stances and gestures, a divine alphabet designed to activate the sacred feminine by  triggering and awakening dormant frequencies inside the dancer.

The goal of the workshop is to unite the dancer’s personal passion and spiritual prowess with the yogini enigma to help the dancer access the goddess’s limitless power.


The workshop ends with a choreography based on the information encoded in the 64 Yoginis "House of Creation."

Moria at the 64 Yoginis temple in Hirapur, Bhubeneswar, India
Article about Moria's study of the 64 Yoginis by Stephanie Sandmeyer for "From the Hip" belly dance magazine

Comment About 64 Yoginis Workshop

"Absolutely gorgeous workshop!  The theory... research... your understanding and translating of this idea into dance... the whole process is beautiful.  Publish/document your findings.  You may change the history as we know it today."


~ Dipika Vijay

Still Photographer: Scott Belding







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