Archetypes in the Dancer

“The function of the image-symbol in the psyche is always to produce a compelling effect on consciousness.”

~Erich Neumann


ARCHETYPES IN THE DANCER is an interactive workshop and PowerPoint presentation that explores the Great Mother Archetype and demonstrates how she uses her mercurial partner-in-crime, Trickster, to form this world.

You will learn why image is everything, and how once activated, these archetypes enhance your creativity, choreography, costuming, and your ability to bridge the gap between you and your audience.

By learning the secret of how archetypes rise from inside your body and transmit themselves non-verbally, you will also learn how to make an audience automatically feel every chill and thrill activated by you.


Presented in a forum that combines discussion with movement, Archetypes in the Dancer offers various ways to explore the psyche in order to create a more powerful stage presence and receive a stronger emotional reaction from your audience.


Photographers: Andre Elbing, Shellie Gilbertson







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