Big Skirt

Swishing a big skirt on stage is a great way to add fiery flair to a solo, duet, or group stage performance.  Brandishing a skirt to a tribal-folkloric beat pumps up the audience and gets the energy coursing.



In her BIG SKIRT workshop, Moria explores Tribal Fusion’s fun and feisty side by sharing a new Tribal Fusion choreography she calls “Strut and Swish.”

This face-paced piece utilizes skirt flourishes as well as quick-and-slow speed changes, elastic time sequencing, and draped suspension movements peppered with rapid-fire flurries of clustered musicality.


"Strut and Swish" can be used at the most festive occasions while adding a memorable and talked-about choreography to a dancer's performance repertoire.

Big skirts go with most musical scores from badass Balkan to feisty Flamenco and jazzed up acoustic guitar.  The videos below will give you an idea of how big skirts can add visual flounce and pizazz to a variety of Tribal Fusion or folkloric beats.

If you own a big skirt, please bring it to the workshop.

If not, that’s okay.  Moria will show you how to make a big skirt from scratch, or take a number of old skirts and blend them into a new one.

All levels are welcome.

Examples of Big Skirt Choreographies

"Balkan" is a group choreography Moria created

for the Bellydance Superstars

"Moria Chappell & Silvia Salamanca" is a duet the two ladies created for the Migrations World Dance Festival 2017

Photographers: Elizabeth Kerry Photography

and Dahna Koth







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