Sacred Dance

 “Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance

to a mysterious tune intoned in the distance

by an invisible player.”
~Albert Einstein

SACRED DANCE is the willingness to let go of dance as an outer practice and use it as an opening to an inner world where movement unifies the dancer with the great dance of creation.


Called “the moving mystery,” sacred dance holds in simpatico ancient and modern ecstatic practices expressed through Javanese

Temple Dance, Cambodian Temple Dance, Chinese Dun Huang, Chinese Dai Dance, Apsara Temple Dance, Hula, and classical Indian Odissi Temple Dance.  It is from the crucible of sacred dance that these movements arise and are made available to fuse with contemporary art forms.

Moria will show the gestures and postures of temple dance to demonstrate how the timeless principles of sacred dance come alive and work their way toward incorporation into your temporal dance.


With the aid of an illustration-rich PowerPoint presentation, 

Moria guides you along the journey of seeing how these movements travel down through the ages and how belly dance is a continuation of the first dance.

As part of the sharing of these mystery traditions, Moria will show how the navel contains the memory of divine essence and also serves as the dynamic axis for all circular motion, in dance as well as in the universe.  The goal of these practices is to encircle the inner landscape with sacred movement and thereby draw the divine from within.    

SACRED DANCE will culminate in a beautiful, devotion-oriented choreography that can become part of a dancer’s daily practice, or serve as an introductory piece for a spiritually oriented stage performance.

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak."

~Hopi saying

Sacred Dance Applied

This is an example of how principles learned in

Sacred Dance can be applied to your performances.

"Les Soeurs Divines"

Moria and Tigerlily performed this duet for the show

"Feminine Divine" at TribalFestion in Vienna, Austria.


"Les Soeurs Divines" was choreographed by Moria and Tigerlily using Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Odissi Indian Temple Dance, and Chinese Dun Huang Dance techniques.


Costuming by Moria Chappell

Still Photographer: Scott Belding







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