SERPENTINE is a study in the exquisite and sultry movements that compose sensuous tribal fusion dancing.

In SERPENTINE you will learn how to master the necessary flexibility to make molten movements that drip from combination to combination.




Bellyrolls, half-sided belly isolations, and reverse bellyrolls will be featured as well as how to integrate these subtle muscular isolations into movements that read strongly on stage.

Liquid arms and body flow, beautiful facial and hand expressions, as well as how to maintain a strong posture from the upper back are emphasized.






You will learn control and isolation while dancing with the grace and physical dexterity required for liquid techniques.




The goal is for you to be able to visualize receiving movement through one part of your body while keeping the audience’s attention as you send the movement out to create expression from your face all the way through to your fingertips.



Emphasis will be placed on laybacks, flexibility, and floor work. 


Kneepads are recommended.


All levels are welcome.

Photographers: Ambrosia Photography,

Lee Corkett Photography, The Dancers Eye







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