Temple Dance Fusion

“My fate was sealed.
I couldn’t wait to learn to dance as the goddess did.”

~Martha Graham


TEMPLE DANCE FUSION incorporates sacred temple and royal court dances from ancient India, Java, Cambodia, China, and Hawaii.


Over the course of the past decade, Moria has traveled to these countries to learn from dance instructors who have kept the secrets and techniques of their

traditions alive as part of a chain of knowledge handed down across thousands of years.



The intricacies of these dances, layered and blended with Tribal Fusion belly dance techniques, produce a beautiful tableaux of what is most inspiring and captivating from these cultures including dance styles, unique props, costuming, jewelry, make-up, and hair design.

The goal of the workshop is for dancers to learn basic temple dance techniques from a variety of cultures in order to embellish their performance repertoire and add to it unique and exciting stylistic elements from the world of Odissi Fusion, Javanese Fusion, Cambodian & Chinese Apsara Fusion, and Hula Fusion.



When working with Moria, you will receive authentic information from primary sources.


Her instructors treasure their sacred temple and royal court dances and wish to impart them to serious and devoted students of their ancient and beloved cultural heritage.

Temple Dance Fusion Choreography

"Court of the Red Snake Queen"

From ancient temples to belly dance hips, this moving puja incorporates the sacred geometry of the divine architecture in the living body.


In their sensuous performance, the Moria Chappell Ensemble melds Tribal Fusion & Odissi Fusion into



The performance features Moria Chappell, Lacey Sanchez, Sarvani Eloheimo, Bagoas, Setna McBryan, and Emily Paris.


Music by Jahba


Original choreography and costumes by Moria Chappell

Photographers: May Lune Photography,

Ambrosia Photography







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