Tribal Vogue: The Look

TRIBAL VOGUE: THE LOOK focuses on make-up and contouring the face as well as unique costuming and hair design in order to create a stellar stage persona.


The workshop is a fusionist’s practice companion and how-to guide for designing a unique and memorable look for stage performances, videos, or photoshoots.



Moria will share the secrets of what goes into creating an enticing belly dance stage personality.


As independent creators, belly dancers are expected to know it all! 


In TRIBAL VOGUE: THE LOOK you will learn how to choose a style that’s right for you, learn the different messages each style projects, and gain a firm understanding of how to link these elements with your own emotion, music, and choreography.



Fusion is more than the various dance disciplines that you choose to combine; it’s also the finesse of incorporating music, costume, stage make-up, hair design, headdresses, and even props to successfully create a character piece that expresses a particular vision and lends credence to the dancer’s voice.




The make-up portion of the workshop explores some of the most effective methods of cosmetic application: selecting brushes, how-to applications, successful color combinations, and your choice of products for stage performance.




As an experienced make-up artist, Moria shares the techniques used in creating a smoky eye, eye-and-lip color combinations, reshaping the face using contouring, as well as eyebrow sculpting and eyelash application.

In TRIBAL VOGUE: THE LOOK you will also learn how to select haute looks from the runway to incorporate into your theatrical expression.





The section on costuming is a forum on conceiving a personal Tribal Fusion look while considering materials, patterns, embellishments, body type, and product accessibility. 

Dancers will learn the nitty-gritty surrounding body shaping, highlighting the the most flattering aspects of your figure, lengthening, as well as how to use complementary and contrasting colors from bright to black to wow your audience.




Discussions include what yarns, tassels, belts, velvets, silks, or embroidery work well on stage, what pant-shapes work for you and your music, and what can be done with accouterments that don’t seem to work, as well as various methods of constructing a bra including shapes and attachments.



In the section on tribal hair construction, dancers will learn how to texture and segment their hair to provide a base-shape as well as a sound structure upon which to add various buns, braids, and falls to create numerous, different, and exciting looks for the stage, style of dance, video, or photoshoot. 

Tribal hair construction also includes techniques on how to slim, lengthen, or open your face using various hair styles. Moria will also offer quick solutions for creating a tribal headdress that is both beautiful and practical.

TRIBAL VOGUE: THE LOOK assists the dancer in

pushing herself to her next personal level.

Moria also offers workshops on costuming, make-up,

and hair design as stand-alone topics.

Photographers: Cherry Li, Shellie Gilbertson, Yen Yi,

Dahna Koth, Dominique Cognee, 360o  Photography,

Julia Santonocito, Devansh Jhaveri, Eva Douramanis







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