Cuernavaca, Mexico

 "She's simply a genius... so creative and extravagant..."

~ Vamppirek

“Probably the best example of floorwork I've ever seen.  She's a dance goddess!”

~ Nefabit

Knoxville, TN

"When Moria steps onto the stage, you know it's going to be a performance that is out of this world, and beyond words.

I hope I one day have the honor of learning from her. Fabulous!!!"

~ Isis Rosalinde

Pittsburgh, PA

"I loved this woman from the very first moment

I saw her in a photo.  She spreads some

kind of attraction that astonishes."

~ Khali

Portland, OR

"I love the sweetness and femininity of the slow and soft moves of Moria, but she's still being strong and with isolations like OMG!  Her technique is just amazing!

I love her :*"

~ Elias GaLo

"The body is a sacred garment."

~ Martha Graham







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