Developing a Theme & Character

Theme: The White Goddess





DEVELOPING A THEME & CHARACTER suggests ways for dancers to design a compelling performance piece, a memorable photoshoot, or an exciting video.

Thematic considerations for a stage performance or a video performance include its musical score; dance style (for example Polynesian Fusion versus Odissi Fusion); a range of movements conducive to that style; the palette of colors and textures for thematically enhanced costumes, jewelry, and makeup; and the possibility of using themed props as well as scenery.

Theme: Peacock
Character: Trickster




Within the bubbling flux of creating a new dance, a character may start to evolve. 


From the first moment ideas take shape, a good choreographer learns to recognize what types of characters (archetypes) may be found nestled in the cosmology of her dance and its overarching storyline.

Character: The Magician
Theme: Red Naga



The job of good storytelling is to take the inkling of a narrative and weave it throughout a show’s solos, duets, and ensemble pieces to unfold a visual manifestation of the choreographer's primary idea.

Characters: Court of the Red Naga
Character: The Bird Goddess


In DEVELOPING A THEME & CHARACTER, Moria will share her insights on the creative elements which help support an overarching theme—a theme suggested by the title of a song, a poem, a legend, a festival, a musical gala, a setting, or a segment of a larger choreography.

Title of Piece: "Green is the Night"
Theme: The Night Mare
Theme: Yoginis







The presentation includes an image-rich PowerPoint that covers a variety of enticing and visually dramatic themes including yoginis, peacocks, and ravens.

Character: Hecate's Raven

Photographers: Ambrosia Photography, Andre Elbing,

Denise Marino, Glisson Imaging PDX, Julia Santonocito,

Stephanie Schamban, Shellie Gilbertson,

May Lune Photography







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