Tunisian Fusion





TUNISIAN FUSION is designed for the dancer who wants to differentiate her dance and explore styles of movement that utilize more complex rhythms and high-energy combinations. 










TUNISIAN FUSION places a strong emphasis on twisting, unique posturing, and unexpected floor patterns.

Moving forward, backward, and up and down, you will learn this intricate and exciting form of ethnic dance and its combinations as they apply to Tribal Fusion belly dance.






The focus will be on the muscle conditioning necessary for Tunisian fusion's twists, locks, drops, and shimmies, as well as the intensive drills of Tunisian combinations for moving as well as stationary applications. 

Folkloric and fresh, sweaty and unique,

TUNISIAN FUSION culminates in a

Tribal Fusion choreography.

Dance shoes are recommended.

Tunisian Fusion Choreography

This is a Tunisian Fusion choreography from

Moria's show Nocturnal.


"Dewi Sri"

Note the jars and baskets worn on the head which were artifacts intrinsic to ancient Tunisian culture and remain hallmarks of their national folk dances.

Photographers: JP, Glisson Imaging PDX







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