Fusion Belly Dance is the merging or blending of distinct styles or "tribes" of dance using traditional or avant-garde belly dance techniques.


Moria's classes cover a wide range of dance styles from Muscular Belly Dance Technique and Fusion belly dance combinations to Temple Dance Fusion, Odissi Fusion, Javanese Fusion, Cambodian & Chinese Apsara Fusion, Tunisian Fusion, and Hula Fusion.  She offers classes in creating unique choreographies, designing exciting drum solos, ways to incorporate jaw-dropping floorwork, and innovative use of props.


The majority of Moria's classes begin with warmups from her Yoga for Belly Dancers series, followed by a discussion of anatomy and drills to execute each movement using a single muscle, and then evolve into various combinations, traveling movements, and layered articulation.  Her teaching process is thorough and informative with a systematic and prgressive  approach that her students find refreshing and challenging from beginner to advanced.


All of Moria's dance movements are based on her trademark teaching style known as Muscular Belly Dance Technique (MBDT.)

Workshops, Intensives & Weeklong Events

Moria's courses range from single classes, workshops, 1-2 Day mini intensives, week-long events, master-level classes, or  weeklong-monthlong events. As a workshop host, her offerings can be tailored to meet your needs, festival theme, and the interests of your market.


The following is a compilation of her offerings categorized by type of workshop.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Fundamentals

  • Muscular Belly Dance Technique and Drills
  • Fusion Funadmentals
  • Yoga for Belly Dancers
  • Choreography
  • Drum Solo

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Advanced Belly Dance and Specialty

Shimmy Extravaganza!

Fine Tuning

Advanced Layering and Shimmy Techniques


Tunisian Inspired Technique & Choreography

Big Skirt

Bones & Sinews


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Sacred Arts Series

Temple Dance Fusion

Archetypes in the Dancer: Presentation & Choreography

Sacred Dance: Presentation & Choreography

Sacred Geometry: Presentation & Choreography

Chakra for Belly Dancers
Dance as Ritual

64 Yoginis: Presentation & Choreography

Footprints in Spice: Presentation

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Temple Dance Fusion

Odissi Inspired Fusion

Javanese Inspired Fusion

Cambodian & Chinese Apsara Inspired Fusion

Hula Inspired Fusion

Yogini Inspired Fusion

Performing Arts

How to Choreograph

Staging & Lighting for Dancers: Presentation

Developing a Theme: Presentation

Drum Solo

Rhythm & Refinement

Slow & Strong


Performance Vogue: The Look

Costume Café

Stage Make-up

Hair Design

Headdress Design

Workshop Comments

Moria blew our minds and kicked our butts here in Mexico last weekend.  I was so very impressed by what a thorough and careful teacher she is.  And I can’t find words to describe her performance.  I couldn’t stay in my seat.  Thank you, Moria!  Can’t wait to have you back again!”

~Workshop Sponsor SHARON
Guernavaca, Mexico



Just being in your presence created a very safe and empowering place to absorb and learn your deeply rooted knowledge of this art.”

~Workshop Sponsor JAIA
Knoxville, TN



Moria, thanks for an amazing weekend.  You are such a wonderful teacher (I was able to go to both workshops in ATL this weekend) and positive energy just oozes from you into every nook and cranny of the room.”

~Workshop Attendee BASTET
Alburquerque, NM



I just took her workshop in Knoxville Saturday, and I have to say if you EVER get a chance to study with her...DO IT!  She is a WONDERFUL teacher!!  Her workshop was a challenge but not frustrating.  It was so informative.  She told us things I would never have thought of.  It was really inspiring.”

~Workshop Attendee TRA
Knoxville, TN



I just had at least one day of a workshop with Moria.  She is one of the most beautiful dancers I have ever witnessed — both within and without.  Moria views each and every student with equal possibility.  Her laser-like perception of a dancer's strengths or weaknesses is incredible.  She is skilled in the science of kinesiology.  She KNOWS the scientific and artistic characteristics of dance.  I shall never forget her grace, her insight, her beauty, and her willingness to share.”

~Workshop Attendee REANNAN



I love Moria.  I took classes with her and she is a wonderful teacher.  She doesn't teach us to dance like her; she helps us to find our own style and to be true to ourself.  She is very generous as a dancer but also on a personal level.”

~Workshop Attendee NADINE DUGUAY


"All we actually have is our body and its muscles that allow us to be under our own power."

~ Allegra Kent







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