Footprints in Spice



Before the famed Silk Route, there was the ancient Spice Route linking the first civilizations of the globe through trade.  Each began as a goddess-worshipping civilization with dance as an offering in ritual, celebration, and cultural exchange.

In FOOTPRINTS IN SPICE, you will learn how the Spice Routes carried these goddess-worshipping dances around the globe to form what we know today as Belly Dance, Odissi Indian Temple Dance, Southern Chinese Dai Dance, Cambodian Chinese and Thai Apsara Dance, Javanese Solo Dance, and Tunisian and Berber dance.

This is a journey that connects Mesopotamia to Egypt to the Indus Valley and beyond.  Over a millennium of trade in spices, incense, dance, and religion established a working network among Arab, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, and South Asian nations long before European traders came to dictate the role of dance and its beginnings.




FOOTPRINTS IN SPICE utilizes a PowerPoint presentation to show trade routes, stone temples, statuary, religious iconography and archaeological finds.

It will accompany Moria's explanation of similarities among distinct dance styles and how, if traced as a linguistic of the body, demonstrates how many of the sacred dances around the world may have evolved from an originating grandmother dance.

Grown from Moria's personal travels, findings, trainings, and reflections, this fascinating presentation is a living theory which is made available to individual interpretation and experimentation.


Let your Tribal Fusion Belly Dance seeds grow back to the first civilizations for inspiration while staying grounded in actual fact and history.

Photographer: Devansh Jhaveri







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