Sacred Geometry Choreography

 "I think the universe is pure geometry,

a beautiful shape twisting around and

dancing over space-time."

~Antony Garrett Lisi


SACRED GEOMETRY CHOREOGRAPHY is based on the blueprint of Creation revealed in the timeless geometric codes seen in all life forms from our DNA molecules to snow flakes, pine cones, the branching of trees, or a nautilus shell.

The workshop begins with a PowerPoint presentation designed to inform the dancer about the specific shapes and overarching proportions which govern the unfolding universe.




This mechanic of expansion, known as the "golden ratio," is clearly visible in physics and biology as well as ordinary movement, and more importantly, sacred movement. 


In SACRED GEOMETRY CHOREOGRAPHY you will be trained to see these shapes in order to bring awareness to the angles, circles, and lines you use to create traditional choreographies. 


During the class, dancers will learn how to make these shapes with her body as well as how to bring sequence and intention into the equation so that she can transfer this knowledge onto the stage.

The goal of SACRED GEOMETRY CHOREOGRAPHY is to help dancers enhance their abilities in the Sacred Performing Arts by learning ways to successfully articulate movements at the core of divine creation in order to transform the profane into the profound.

Photographers: Scott Belding, LJ Photography







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