Stage Make-up



Trained as a high fashion and bridal make-up artist, Moria combines facial composition and structuring, undertones and color-combination, contour and color-correction with her passion for theatrical character make-up.

In STAGE MAKE-UP you will learn the secrets of flawless stage make-up including water proofing, smoky eyes, false-eyelash techniques, and amped-up lip and cheekbone enhancement.

Moria will review her favorite products, colors,

and application techniques.




She will also demonstrate the best use and applicability of a myriad of make-up brushes, glitter types, and bindi glue.


Dancers are welcome to bring their own make-up.


Moria welcomes questions about what make-up you have collected or tried, as well as questions about how to enhance your personal features.





Learn master techniques that will make your face pop and give your stage performance, video project, or photoshoot that finishing touch.

 This workshop may be taught as a one-hour subtopic,

a two-hour thorough brush and make-up technique study,

or a three-hour personalized instruction in which each dancer will bring her own make-up and practice these techniques while Moria teaches, watches, and corrects.

Alex Sanchez, husband of Tribal Fusion star Lacey Sanchez, models for Moria's make-up workshop in Florida

Photographers: Will Law, Dahna Koth, Cherry Li, Dominique Cognee, Lacey Sanchez, Devansh Jhaveri,

and Yen Yi Photography







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