Muscular Belly Dance Technique and Drills




MUSCULAR BELLY DANCE TECHNIQUE AND DRILLS provides dancers with the drills and exercises essential for intense muscular isolation, different-shaped shimmies, and the conditioning necessary to develop glutes for crisp hip-work.




In one of Moria’s most popular and fun workshops, hip, head, belly, chest and shoulder isolations will be drilled as well as fluid transitions from move-to-move, and traveling with isolation.

Fundamental spinning techniques will also be covered such as spot turns, paddle turns, and sutinues.  Combos, posture, fluid arms and creative poses will be highlighted.





As a dancer, you will learn the tribal techniques of stretching, toning, and drilling to gain the muscular control that places you in command of your body, as well as variations on classical tribal combinations.






MUSCULAR BELLY DANCE TECHNIQUE AND DRILLS culminates in a fun and exciting tribal fusion choreography.


All levels are welcome.

Photographers: Andre Elbing, Phoebus Foto,

Ambrosia Photography, Dark Soul Photography







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