Hair Design





Research studies on the visual elements that make people noticable indicate that your single most attractive feature in the eyes of others is your hair.





In HAIR DESIGN, dancers will learn how to texture and segment their hair in order to provide a base-shape as well as a stable and sound structure upon which to add various buns, braids, and falls to create numerous unique and exciting looks.

Tribal hair construction also includes techniques on how to slim the cheeks, lengthen the face, trim down a large forehead, or open your face and eyes by using a variety of hair styles.





With the growing popularity of braids, falls, twists, and up do's, more opportunities are available for purchasing hair and incorporating hair pieces into your overall costuming and stage personality.





Learn what is a good investment and what should be avoided when purchasing hair to add volume, length, or as an embellishment.


Moria also offers practical advice on the use of artificial flowers and how to add eye-catching and light-catching costume jewelry, lace, embroidered ornaments, or painted fans to your hair design.

In addition to techniques for hair styles for the stage, Moria offers ways to create a functional tribal headdress that is both beautiful and practical for performance pieces, a video, or a photoshoot.

Photographers: Dahna Koth, Cherry Li,

Andre Elbing, Scott Belding, Shellie Gilbertson







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