Staging & Lighting for Dancers



Is it possible that where you stand on the stage is just as important as what you perform on the stage?


In STAGING & LIGHTING FOR DANCERS you will learn the strongest positions on the stage for entering, exiting, and making transitions.

In addition to discovering the magical sweet spots for unlocking the audience’s emotional reaction to your movement, you will learn what archetypal energy best fits stage right, stage left, downstage, upstage, and center stage.

The presentation begins with an informative and engaging PowerPoint presentation that clearly demonstrates the basic principles of the stage.

Diagram from the presentation showing key staging principles

Overlaid with staging diagrams are images from theatrical shows that expose the archetypal energy latent within each position.

Image from the presentation showing an upstage power position

Learn where to stop, where to transition slowly, and where to make haste.


What are the danger zones on a stage?


At what exact point does the audience breathe a sigh of relief?


What is the single most powerful spot on stage?


All of these questions are answered as even more essential staging principles are covered in detail.

Another dynamic element in creating and developing a strong performance piece is lighting and the color theory behind it.


Learn what lighting colors make you look mysterious or cold, threatening or uplifting, sanguine, sharp, or alluring.

In STAGING & LIGHTING FOR DANCERS, Moria will share her years of practical experience with you in ways that make sense and can be remembered.


The goal of the class is to give the novice as well as the seasoned dancer the tools to immediately put these concepts to work in your next solo, duet, or ensemble piece.

The secrets of the stage are waiting to be unlocked.

Photographers: Catch the Moment, Andre Elbing, Morimotoya Photography, Dark Soul Photography







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