Rhythm & Refinement

RHYTHM & REFINEMENT is designed to help dancers of all levels incorporate the rhythm and refinement of Middle Eastern music and dance into their performances.




During this fun and exciting workshop, you will learn to combine tabla, duff, riq, and finger cymbals with your dance, which will enable you to understand the essence of Middle Eastern music and its culture.



Moria will instruct you on count, measure, technique, and rhythm, while you also learn the dynamic techniques and simple methodologies behind physicalizing these powerful beats.


Dancers will learn to identify which beats to emphasize and be shown how to do it.



Moria will demonstrate and teach combinations created to enhance and express these rhythms, and she will also share various tribal fusion combinations that apply to drum-solo work.



By exploring the traditional dances that accompany these rhythms, dancers will understand how they have worked together while traveling across land and sea for thousands of years. 

Another exciting component of belly dance with plenty of room for showmanship is the use of finger cymbals (zils).


In RHYTHM & REFINEMENT you will learn the techniques and rhythms that can be played using finger cymbals as an accompaniment to the tabla.




This exhilirating workshop focuses on helping dancers achieve a more powerful and professional stage expression as well as ways to maintain a strong connection with the audience and musicians during live accompaniment.

RHYTHM & REFINEMENT is what every dancer needs to know to have a firm understanding of rhythm, its originating culture, and its place in history.


When you know the heartbeat of Middle Eastern music, and feel comfortable moving to it, a wide range of musicality opens to you.

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