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Moria’s costuming has been heralded as unique and innovative.


For the stage, the process of becoming a character, entering another realm, and understanding the rules and function of this world can be intimidating.

COSTUME CAFÉ is a candid and open forum where Moria shares with each student the basics of costume design, fit, and function.





Color-combining, textures, fixtures, durability, and body types are all a prime focus.  


Spanning the darkest to the brightest, these techniques can be applied to any fusion motif.





Tribal Fusion offers a huge range of costuming potential.


In COSTUME CAFÉ, you will learn the rules and then how to break them while maintaining the spirit of Tribal Fusion belly dance.





You will also learn what works and what doesn’t for the stage; costuming’s short cuts and long cuts, how to turn the usual into the extra-ordinary, and how to construct a masterpiece that is easy to take on and off. 


From initial inspiration to sewing the first stitch, selecting the fabric to fitting-the-mood, dancers will learn how and where to find the resources, as well as the techniques and ideas necessary to begin, continue, or rediscover your inner costume designer.

COSTUME CAFÉ shows the dancer practical ways to create a dramatic costume for a solo or an ensemble piece.

Please bring a pen and notebook and feel encouraged to bring your own costuming conundrums for question-and-answer.

Moria teaching COSTUME CAFÉ in Chile

COSTUME CAFÉ can be taught as a full workshop or as a one-hour addendum to another workshop.  


The extended version will also cover costuming

history, jewelry, and headdress design.

Moria's Costume Gallery

"Circus" costume for Bellydance Superstars show
"Peacock" costume for the "Archangel and Dragon" photoshoot at the 17th century Ruzhany Castle, Belarus
"Deep Forest" costume for Oregon photoshoot
"Divine Feminine" for Nepalese Temple photoshoot
"Peacock" costume for Beijing photoshoot
"Red Bustle"costume for China photoshoot
"Clouds" costume for Tribal Fest
"Blue Apsara" costume for Hong Kong show
"Serpentine" costume for Philadelphia show
"Yogini" costume for 64 Yoginis photoshoot
"Odissi Fusion" costume for India photoshoot
"Abhaya and Assuit" costume for Egypt photoshoot
"Peacock" costume for Tribal Kong, Hong Kong
"Libertine" costume for Rose Garden photoshoot
"Black Incense" costume for Malamute Saloon photoshoot, Alaska
"Sacred Dance" costume for Nepalese Temple photoshoot
"Red Naga" costume for Tribal Festion, Austria
"Spirit of the Night" costume for The Night Mare photoshoot
"Tarot" costume for "From the Hip" magazine launch party, Seattle
"Hecate" costume for Moria's "Incantation" show, Huntsville
"Champagne in Paris" photoshoot, Montmatre, France
"Dark Streets of Paris" costume for photoshoot, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
"Tribal Circus" costume for East Coast Classic, Williamsburg
"Red Bustle" for "Dance for Unity" show, Shanghai
Ensemble costuming for Moria's "Nocturnal" show, Baltimore

Photographers: Shellie Gilbertson, KH Photographics, Ambrosia Photography, Andre Elbing, Dominique Cognee, May Lune Photography, Julia Santonocito, Scott Belding, Devansh Jhaveri, 360o  Photography, Cherry Li,

Yin Yi Photography







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