East Coast Classic Dance Festival







Virginia Beach, VA

January 18 ~ 21  2018

The East Coast Classic Dance Festival & Competition

is a weekend of bellydance featuring...

coaching by internationally acclaimed judges,

fresh new workshop topics, and a

community collaborative vibe that will keep you staying

up late and getting up early so you don’t miss a thing. 



Friday  January 19  9:00 am ~ 11:00 am

The workshop begins with an introductory presentation designed to inform the dancer about specific shapes and the overarching proportions governing the unfolding universe.

Once you become aware of these geometric designs, you will  be able to bring awareness to these naturally occurring lines, circles, and angles formed by your body during specific moves.  These shapes also convey concomitant emotions, ones that can be transferred to observers simply through a visual connection.

In SACRED DANCE ~ SACRED GEOMETRY you will be trained to feel and experience these shapes in order to mold them into your traditional fusion or nouveau choreography so that by intentionally incorporating them into your dance, these primary movements will automatically affect the audience at a visceral level, thus amplifying their excitement and overall feeling of satisfaction.

Example of Sacred Dance ~ Sacred Geometry

From ancient temples to belly dance hips, "Court of the

Red Snake Queen" is an example of a moving puja (prayer) that incorporates sacred dance and sacred geometry

by using the divine architecture in the living body.


Friday  January 19  1:30 pm ~ 3:30 pm





ODISSI DANCE FUNDAMENTAL BASICS is a workshop that was developed at the request of dancers who were looking for fresh ways to amp up their fusion choreographies by adding dance elements which stem from cultures beyond a strictly Middle Eastern influence.

Classical Odissi dance is the oldest known continuous dance form in the world.  Thus this workshop was designed for you to experience Odissi’s most fundamental combinations and exercises, and learn how they can be applied to your dance performances and practices to dynamically enhance your choreographies and stage presence.

Example of Odissi Dance Fundamental Basics

"COBRA" is a basic Odissi Fusion piece Moria created

for a Bellydance Superstar's tour.

Performers include Moria Chappell, April Rose,

Sabrina Fox, and Colleen Anderson. 


Saturday  January 20  3:30 pm ~ 5:30 pm


TUNISIAN FUSION is designed for the dancer who wants to differentiate her dance and explore styles of movement that utilize more complex rhythms and high-energy combinations.


The instruction emphasises twisting, unique posturing, and unexpected floor patterns.

Moving forward, backward, and up and down, you will learn this intricate and exciting form of ethnic dance and its combinations as they apply to Tribal Fusion belly dance.


The focus will be on the muscle conditioning necessary for Tunisian fusion's twists, locks, drops, and shimmies, as well as the intensive drills of Tunisian combinations for moving as well as for stationary applications. 


Folkloric and fresh, sweaty and unique,

TUNISIAN FUSION culminates in a

Tribal Fusion choreography.


Dance shoes are recommended.

Example of Tunisian Fusion

This is an example of applying Tunisian Fusion.

Note the jars and baskets worn on the head, which were artifacts intrinsic to ancient Tunisian culture and remain hallmarks of their national folk dances.


Sunday  January 21  11:00 am ~ 1:00 pm



In ODISSI TEMPLE DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY, dancers will learn the Odissi moves and gestures from Moria's Odissi Fusion choreography "Yogini," a fusion solo from her theatrical show Nocturnal

Once learned from Moria, elements from "Yogini" can then be added to your dance repertoire to enhance current choreographies, or you can perform the dance in its entirety.


The character Moria portrays in "Yogini" is Matangi, a wild, tantric forest goddess of music, dance, art, and society's outcasts who especially loves elephants and birds.


The piece was inspired by the goddess Matangi and is dedicated to her as well as the many Yoginis who dwell in the trees, forests, and edges of society.

Example of Odissi Temple Dance Choreography

"Yogini" is a performance piece created for "Nocturnal,"

a theatrical show created & directed by Moria Chappell.

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