APRIL 22 ~ 23  2017

Join Luminara Dance Production at their second annual educational and spiritual event, aimed to bring earth-based spirituality and personal passion to the public in a positive and enlightening way.


Faces of the Goddess features international superstar dance teacher Moria Chappell, as well as a community show with artists from all over New England!


This year, the show will be themed:

"How do you connect to Spirit?"



Saturday  April 22  10:00 am ~ 2:30 pm

Sacred dance erupts from the core of a woman’s dynamic vortex located in her belly.   Whether a dance is 10,000 years old or created yesterday, it arises from the same internal sensations, rhythms, and divinely inspired movement as the dance did millennia ago when it likewise erupted from her being.


Sacred movement is based on “sacred shapes,” and by examining the way muscles and tendons grab our bones to lift and spin our bodies, we are able to see the magic of sacred geometry at work.


Just as geometry is the interplay of the two primary shapes essential to the creation of life, the circle and the line, choreography is also based on these two integral shapes, the curve and the angle.


As part of your experiential training, Moria will share dance traditions gleaned directly from the world's finest gurus of Odissi East Indian Temple Dance, Javanese Dance, and Cambodian-Chinese Apsara Dance.


During the class, you will learn how to incorporate these ancient gestures and postures into your Tribal Fusion Belly Dance via sacred geometry in order to more closely align yourself and your movements with the divine blueprint at the core of your being.


When we experience this blueprint, we viscerally respond to it as beauty.  The closer we come to the actual blueprint, the more beautiful, powerful, and graceful we become and appear to our audience.  Thus we become the paintbrush tracing the divine with our bodies and making its elegance available for all to see.


With the aid of an illustration-rich PowerPoint presentation, Moria will guide you along the journey of understanding how these sacred movements travel down through the ages, with the goal of adding depth, comprehension, and passion to your stage presence.


Sunday  April 23  11:00 am ~ 3:30 pm

"What is here is elsewhere.

What is not here is nowhere."

The 64 Yoginis of Hirapur reside in niches encircled by a mandala-shaped, open-air temple in Odisha, India.  These small, inscrutable statues with their doll-like figures and sweet faces appear eternally juxtaposed to the fierce weapons they so blithely brandish.  The temple's images have become the inspiration for Moria's continuing research into their history, legends, mythology, and most importantly, dance.


In YOGINI FUSION, Moria introduces these yoginis via a PowerPoint presentation then shares each yogini's unique and exquisite movements along with the essence of her plant or animal vahana, the vehicle she uses to navigate the shamanic realms.  In this experiential workshop, the dancer will visually encounter the devas then learn their stances and gestures, a divine alphabet which serves to activate the sacred feminine in order for it to incarnate inside the dancer.

The goal of YOGINI FUSION is to experience the underlying yogini mysteries vis-à-vis shapes and compositions in order to trigger the awakening of the female potential naturally embedded in DNA.  These extraordinary energy fields, whose access was restricted or truncated long ago, still reside in your body and can be accessed by your muscles and tendons, rhythms and physical, alchemical responses.


When you incorporate YOGINI FUSION into your movement repertoire, you regain the strength, grace, and archetypal knowledge hardwired inside your bones.

"The 64 Yoginis represent the sum total

of energy in the universe."

~Venkat Veeraraghavan, Yogini Researcher







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