TEMPLE DANCE FUSION incorporates sacred temple and royal court dances from ancient India, Java, Cambodia, China, and Hawaii.


Over the course of the past decade, Moria has traveled to these countries to learn from dance instructors who have kept the secrets and techniques of their traditions alive as part of a chain of knowledge handed down across thousands of years.

The intricacies of these dances, layered and blended with Tribal Fusion belly dance techniques, produce a beautiful tableaux of what is most inspiring and captivating from these cultures including dance styles, unique props, costuming, jewelry, make-up, and hair design.


The goal of the workshop is for dancers to learn basic temple dance techniques from a variety of cultures in order to embellish their performance repertoire and add to it unique and exciting stylistic elements from the world of Odissi Fusion, Javanese Fusion, Cambodian & Chinese Apsara Fusion, and Hula Fusion.


When working with Moria, you will receive authentic information from primary sources.


Her instructors treasure their sacred temple and royal court dances and wish to impart them to serious and devoted students of their ancient and beloved cultural heritage.

Temple Dance Choreography

"Court of the Red Snake Queen"




TUNISIAN FUSION CHOREOGRAPHY is designed for the dancer who wants to differentiate her dance and explore styles of movement that utilize more complex rhythms and high-energy combinations. 

TUNISIAN FUSION CHOREOGRAPHY places a strong emphasis on twisting, unique posturing, and unexpected floor patterns.


The focus will be on the muscle conditioning necessary for Tunisian fusion's twists, locks, drops, and shimmies, as well as the intensive drills of Tunisian combinations for moving as well as stationary applications. 


Folkloric and fresh, sweaty and unique,

TUNISIAN FUSION culminates in a

Tribal Fusion choreography.


Dance shoes are recommended.

Tunisian Fusion Choreography

Example of Tunisian Fusion choreography from

Moria's show Nocturnal.






MUSCULAR BELLY DANCE TECHNIQUE AND DRILLS provides dancers with the drills and exercises essential for intense muscular isolation, different-shaped shimmies, and the conditioning necessary to develop glutes for crisp hip-work.

In one of Moria’s most popular and fun workshops, hip, head, belly, chest and shoulder isolations will be drilled as well as fluid transitions from move-to-move, and traveling with isolation.


Fundamental spinning techniques will also be covered such as spot turns, paddle turns, and sutinues.  Combos, posture, fluid arms and creative poses will be highlighted.


As a dancer, you will learn the tribal techniques of stretching, toning, and drilling to gain the muscular control that places you in command of your body, as well as variations on classical tribal combinations.


MUSCULAR BELLY DANCE TECHNIQUE AND DRILLS culminates in a fun and exciting tribal fusion choreography.


All levels are welcome.


“The function of the image-symbol in the psyche is always to produce a compelling effect on consciousness.”

~Erich Neumann

ARCHETYPAL CREATION is an interactive workshop and PowerPoint presentation that explores the Great Mother Archetype and demonstrates how she uses her mercurial partner-in-crime, Trickster, to form this world.

You will learn why image is everything, and how once activated, these archetypes enhance your creativity, choreography, costuming, and your ability to bridge the gap between you and your audience.


By learning the secret of how archetypes rise from inside your body and transmit themselves non-verbally, you will also learn how to make an audience automatically feel every chill and thrill activated by you.


Presented in a forum that combines discussion with movement, Archetypes in the Dancer offers various ways to explore the psyche in order to create a more powerful stage presence and receive a stronger emotional reaction from your audience.



Is it possible that where you stand on the stage as a certain character is just as important as what you perform on the stage?


In BUILDING A THEME you will learn the strongest positions for entering and exiting the stage, and making transitions.

In addition to discovering the magical sweet spots for unlocking the audience’s emotional reaction to your movement, you will learn what archetypal energy best fits stage right, stage left, downstage, upstage, and center stage.


The presentation begins with an informative and engaging PowerPoint presentation that clearly demonstrates the basic principles of the stage.

Diagram from the presentation showing key staging principles

Overlaid with staging diagrams are images from theatrical shows that expose the archetypal energy latent within each position.

Image from the presentation showing an upstage power position

Learn where to stop, where to transition slowly, and where to make haste.


What are the danger zones on a stage?


At what exact point does the audience breathe a sigh of relief?


What is the single most powerful spot on stage?


All of these questions are answered as even more essential staging principles are covered in detail.


Another dynamic element in creating and developing a strong performance piece is lighting and the color theory behind it.


Learn what lighting colors make you look mysterious or cold, threatening or uplifting, sanguine, sharp, or alluring.


In BUILDING A THEME, Moria will share her years of practical experience with you in ways that make sense and can be remembered.


The goal of the class is to give the novice as well as the seasoned dancer the tools to immediately put these concepts to work in your next solo, duet, or ensemble piece.


The secrets of the stage are waiting to be unlocked.





Trained as a high fashion and bridal make-up artist, Moria combines facial composition and structuring, undertones and color-combination, contour and color-correction with her passion for theatrical character make-up.

In MAKE-UP you will learn the secrets of flawless stage make-up including water proofing, smoky eyes, false-eyelash techniques, and amped-up lip and cheekbone enhancement.


Moria will review her favorite products, colors, and application techniques.  She will also demonstrate the best use and applicability of a myriad of make-up brushes, glitter types, and bindi glue.


Dancers are welcome to bring their own make-up.


Moria welcomes questions about what make-up you have collected or tried, as well as questions about how to enhance your personal features.


Learn master techniques that will make your face pop and give your stage performance, video project, or photoshoot that finishing touch.





Research studies on the visual elements that make people noticable indicate that your single most attractive feature in the eyes of others is your hair.

In HAIR DESIGN, dancers will learn how to texture and segment their hair in order to provide a base-shape as well as a stable and sound structure upon which to add various buns, braids, and falls to create numerous unique and exciting looks.


Tribal hair construction also includes techniques on how to slim the cheeks, lengthen the face, trim down a large forehead, or open your face and eyes by using a variety of hair styles.


With the growing popularity of braids, falls, twists, and up do's, more opportunities are available for purchasing hair and incorporating hair pieces into your overall costuming and stage personality.


Learn what is a good investment and what should be avoided when purchasing hair to add volume, length, or as an embellishment.


Moria also offers practical advice on the use of artificial flowers and how to add eye-catching and light-catching costume jewelry, lace, embroidered ornaments, or painted fans to your hair design.


In addition to techniques for hair styles for the stage, Moria offers ways to create a functional tribal headdress that is both beautiful and practical for performance pieces, a video, or a photoshoot.




Moria’s costuming has been heralded as unique and innovative.


For the stage, the process of becoming a character, entering another realm, and understanding the rules and function of this world can be intimidating.

COSTUME CAFÉ is a candid and open forum where Moria shares with each student the basics of costume design, fit, and function.


Color-combining, textures, fixtures, durability, and body types are all a prime focus.  


Spanning the darkest to the brightest, these techniques can be applied to any fusion motif.


Tribal Fusion offers a huge range of costuming potential.


In COSTUME CAFÉ, you will learn the rules and then how to break them while maintaining the spirit of Tribal Fusion belly dance.


You will also learn what works and what doesn’t for the stage; costuming’s short cuts and long cuts, how to turn the usual into the extra-ordinary, and how to construct a masterpiece that is easy to take on and off. 


From initial inspiration to sewing the first stitch, selecting the fabric to fitting-the-mood, dancers will learn how and where to find the resources, as well as the techniques and ideas necessary to begin, continue, or rediscover your inner costume designer.


COSTUME CAFÉ shows the dancer practical ways to create a dramatic costume for a solo or an ensemble piece.


Please bring a pen and notebook and feel encouraged to bring your own costuming conundrums for question-and-answer.


MONTH-LONG INTENSIVE culminates in an exciting Gala Show featuring Moria Chappell and the area's finest

Tribal Fusion dancers.



The event organizers are Shakti Kan and Karla Magusha.







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