en Cuentro, Ecuador

November 17 ~ 19  2017



TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCE  teaches the postures, hand articulation, essential combinations, and spinning techniques that comprise the foundation of Tribal Fusion bellydance.


In this exciting and informative workshop, Moria shares the lifted postures, torso articulations, arm positiong and hip movments that overlap to form fusion combinations.


For dancers who are new to tribal fusion, or for those who are looking for new fusion combinations and fresh inspiration, Moria will methodically, comprehensively, and creatively teach drills, patterns and choreography to help dancers invigorate their newfound fusion expression.


ODISSI TEMPLE DANCE FUSION offers the dancer a methodology for integrating this rapidly growing art form into her belly dance performances.


As harbinger of this specific style of fusion, Moria was the first to bring these two styles of movement together, and now instructs dancers in the way she learned, created, and now performs this unique combination of esthetics.


Passed from Guru to student for thousands of years, Odissi Indian Temple dance is one of the oldest classical dance forms on Earth.


Moria spends time annually in Orissa (the homeland of Odissi) intensively studying and performing this exquisite dance, as well as researching and learning weekly from her Indian-born guru in America, Ratna Roy, who was a pupil of the last living Mahari (sacred temple dancer).


Moria's Odissi temple dance fusion workshop is designed for you to learn Odissi’s most fundamental combinations and exercises and how they can be applied to your Tribal Fusion belly dance performances and practice.


In ODISSI TEMPLE DANCE FUSION you will learn the body isolations, temple stance, Odissi posture, sacred geometry, and mudras of this ancient devotional dance and how these profound elements can be applied to modern music and movement.

Example of Odissi Temple Dance Fusion

Moria and her Wild Saffron cast perform Odissi Temple Dance Fusion in her show Nocturnal.




SACRED GEOMETRY CHOREOGRAPHY is based on the blueprint of Creation revealed in the timeless geometric codes seen in all life forms from our DNA molecules to snow flakes, pine cones, the branching of trees, or a nautilus shell.

The workshop begins with a PowerPoint presentation designed to inform the dancer about the specific shapes and overarching proportions which govern the unfolding universe.


This mechanic of expansion, known as the "golden ratio," is clearly visible in physics and biology as well as ordinary movement, and more importantly, sacred movement.


In SACRED GEOMETRY CHOREOGRAPHY you will be trained to see these shapes in order to bring awareness to the angles, circles, and lines you use to create traditional choreographies. 


During the class, dancers will learn how to make these shapes with her body as well as how to bring sequence and intention into the equation so that she can transfer this knowledge onto the stage.


The goal of SACRED GEOMETRY CHOREOGRAPHY is to help dancers enhance their abilities in the Sacred Performing Arts by learning ways to successfully articulate movements at the core of divine creation in order to transform the profane into the profound.


TRIBAL FUSION CHOREOGRAPHY focuses on the craft of designing sequences of movement where form and motion are clearly specified.


Moria is known worldwide for her solos, duets, ensemble pieces, and full-length shows that beautifully demonstrate this understanding of how to design sequences of movement into captivating stage performances.  These Tribal Fusion pieces are infused with the juxtaposition of staccato and fluid, etheric and weighty, sacred and profane.


Through the powerful alchemy of ancient and nouveau focused on Oriental and Tribal Fusion artistry, the goal is to produce a vibrant tableaux of light and dark, soft and strong, fiery and temperate to pull each dancer to her edge and offer what she embodies most on the stage. 


Bringing this expertise to the classroom, Moria demonstrates how to create choreographies that are memorable and exciting using classic modalities for entering and exiting the stage, maintaining a dominant position while on stage, and creating drama by utilizing proven techniques for drawing the gaze of the audience onto the geometric shapes a dancer creates with the outline and substance of her body.


TRIBAL FUSION CHOREOGRAPY is designed to help you create works of art that are elegant, exciting, and powerfully expressed in your stage performances, videos, and photoshoots.


Moria's TRIBAL FUSION CHOREOGRAPY workshop is primarily movement oriented.  To illustrate the how-to of creating great choreographies, the workshop also includes an image-rich PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates dance's sequences of movement.


Whether you are interested in crafting solos, duets, trios, or ensemble pieces for larger groups, TRIBAL FUSION CHOREOGRAPY is an essential workshop for enhancing your artistic expertise in the fundamentals of Tribal Fusion belly dance.

Example of Tribal Fusion Choreography

"Aquarius" is an example of Moria's Tribal Fusion choreographic techniques from her show Nocturnal.

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