AUGUST 18 - 20  2017
Montana Dance Center
7:00 pm Alberta Bair Theater

The Yellowstone Valley Belly Dance Festival is the heart and soul of Spiral Skies Belly Dance Troupe.  Dancers from across the U.S. and Canada travel to attend the festival, which is the largest in the region.



Friday  August 18  4:30 ~ 5:30 pm

Trained as a high fashion and bridal make-up artist, Moria Chappell combines facial composition and structuring, undertones and color-combination, contour and color-correction with her passion for theatrical character make-up.


In STAGE MAKE-UP you will learn the secrets of flawless stage make-up including water proofing, smoky eyes, false-eyelash techniques, and amped-up lip and cheekbone enhancement.


Moria will review her favorite products, colors, and application techniques.  She will also demonstrate the best use and applicability of a myriad of make-up brushes, glitter types, and bindi glue.  Dancers are welcome to bring their own make-up.


Moria welcomes questions about what make-up you have collected or tried, as well as questions about how to enhance your personal features.


Learn master techniques that will make your face pop and give your stage performance or photoshoot that finishing touch.


Saturday August 19  9:00 ~ 11:00 am

FINE TUNING is a workshop where techniques and combinations are drilled to improve fluid movements while keeping the hands intentionally placed and expressive, the head and shoulders aligned, and the arms fluid and strong—all the while maintaining strength and control in the hips and abdomen.


As the last step in refining your dance, and thus your segue to professionalism, this class focuses on the polished moves that make a dancer exquisite to watch.


Sunday  August 20th  10:00 ~ 12:00 am

ODISSI TRIBAL FUSION BELLY DANCE offers the dancer a methodology for bringing this rapidly growing art form into her belly dance repertoire.


As harbinger of this specific style of fusion, Moria was the first to bring these two aspects of movement together and teaches the way in which she learned, created, and now performs this unique combination of esthetics.


Passed from Guru to student for thousands of years, Odissi Indian temple dance is one of the oldest classical dance forms on Earth.


Moria spends time annually in Orissa (the homeland of Odissi) intensively studying and performing this exquisite dance as well as researching and learning weekly from her Indian-born guru in America, Ratna Roy, who was a pupil of the last living Mahari (sacred temple dancer).


This Odissi Temple Dance Fusion workshop is designed for you to learn Odissi’s most fundamental combinations and exercises and how they can be applied to your ODISSI TRIBAL FUSION BELLY DANCE performance and practice.


Learn the body isolations, temple stance, Odissi posture, sacred geometry, and mudras of this ancient devotional dance and how it can be applied to modern music and movement.

Example of Odissi Fusion

This is an example of Odissi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

The piece is from Moria's show Nocturnal.

The 10th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival's Gala Showcase will be at 7 pm on Saturday, August 19th at the Alberta Bair Theater.  It will be an evening of exquisite, innovative, and entertaining belly dance.


Headliners are Moria Chappell and Silvia Salamanca, along with an awe-inspiring collection of regional dancers who will showcase the various cultural styles, music, and costumes of belly dance in the "Bellydance Spectacular!" gala showcase.


This family-friendly showcase is an exciting one-night-only opportunity to enter the dazzling and glamourous world of belly dance.  The gala caps off the 10th Annual Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival hosted by Spiral Skies Bellydance.

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