JUNE 7 ~ 9  2019




Friday  June 7  3 pm ~ 5 pm

Sunday  June 9  2 pm ~ 3 pm


The Tribal Fusion STAGING  PROJECT "AWAKENING" offers dancers a unique opportunity to learn an original, ensemble choreography by Moria Chappell.


At the end of the course, dancers will perform the "Awakening"  choreography.

During the course, Moria will highlight technique when appropriate, however the focus of the Project will be on the group choreography.  The Project is designed for advanced dancers who enjoy learning choreography over a short period of time and performing it on stage.


The STAGING PROJECT "AWAKENING" is limited to a maximum number of 20 dancers.  Dancers will need to bring a Tribal Fusion costume in order to perform the piece.  After registering, you will be sent additional information regarding costuming.


Since this course is being offered to advanced dancers and performers only, the organizer reserves the right to choose from the applicants.  Once you fill out a registration form, the host will respond to you within two weeks regarding your acceptance in the STAGING PROJECT "AWAKENING."


The Gala Show “Phantasmagoria” with Moria Chappell and  ensemble performers will be on Sunday, June 9th.


Saturday  June 8  12:45 pm ~ 2:15 pm

"Dance is the movement of the universe

concentrated in an individual."

~Isadora Duncan

DANCE AS RITUAL is based on principles derived from sacred geometry and the journey of every individual evolving within a physical matrix as well as spiritual one.


In this experiential, ritually oriented workshop, Moria shares the process of uniting your body directly to the powerhouse of the Great Mother, and link your creativity to her Earthy dynamo available through the elements. 

While the goal of all sacred dance is to encircle the inner landscape with specific movements in order to draw the divine from within, the goal of ritual theatre is to inform the dancer so that she instinctively remembers that she is the axis of all motion, in dance as well as in the universe, and to achieve what every dancer inwardly knows is essential for her performance: balance.


When bringing the elements on to the stage, the audience is automatically attuned to age-old memories latent within the psyche.  If you are interested in presenting the Sacred Arts on stage, this class can help you learn ways to present the elements and the dancer's “journey to the center” in an engaging, exciting, and provocative manner.


DANCE AS RITUAL is a workshop designed to help dancers add elements from ritual practices found around the world and throughout time into their sacred dance performances.


When synchronizing your Tribal Fusion dance with the Dance of Creation, the audience with automatically respond to your performance at the visceral level. 


Sunday  July 15  12:30 pm ~ 2:30 pm

SERPENTINE is a study in the exquisite and sultry movements that compose sensuous tribal fusion dancing.


In SERPENTINE you will learn how to master the necessary flexibility to make molten movements that drip from combination to combination.


Bellyrolls, half-sided belly isolations, and reverse bellyrolls will be featured as well as how to integrate these subtle muscular isolations into movements that read strongly on stage.


Liquid arms and body flow, beautiful facial and hand expressions, as well as how to maintain a strong posture from the upper back are emphasized.


You will learn control and isolation while dancing with the grace and physical dexterity required for liquid techniques.


The goal is for you to be able to visualize receiving movement through one part of your body while keeping the audience’s attention as you send the movement out to create expression from your face all the way through to your fingertips.


Emphasis will be placed on laybacks, flexibility, and floor work. 


Kneepads are recommended.


All levels are welcome.


Sunday  June 9  9 am ~ 10:30 am



ADVANCED LAYERING & SHIMMY TECHNIQUES is a workshop designed for the more experienced dancer who is looking to expand her movement vocabulary and push her ability to the max.

Topics include musicality in layering; playing different rhythms and tempos within different sections of the body to create orchestrated movement; layering shimmies with precision on virtually every part of the body; and footwork and patterns as part of the layering extravaganza!


ADVANCED LAYERING & SHIMMY TECHNIQUES puts together the various drills and traveling patterns previously learned in order to build control and stamina in layering.


Advanced drills will show you how to maintain deliciously crisp isolations while layering 2, 3, or 4 different components of the fundamental moves.


Some of the more advanced elements of this workshop include using turns, traveling, and layering movements to culminate in new, advanced combinations that we will work into a Tribal Fusion choreography.


The layering aspect of the workshop is intended to build from Moria’s Muscular Belly Dance Technique (MBDT)



Prior isolation training is helpful

but all levels are welcome.


Some experience in Tribal Fusion technique is required.


Sunday  June 9  7:30 pm

The Tribal Festival will culminate in the gala show Phantasmagoria

featuring Moria Chappell and Ethel Anima

For more information on the event,

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