At the request of her hosts or students,

Moria designs unique programs.

An example of a special program that Moria created at the request of a host to help dancers become more powerful and effective Tribal Fusion teachers is Moria's "The Art of Teaching Tribal Fusion."


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The Art of Teaching Tribal Fusion

The Moria Chappell Project

Another example of a unique program Moria created is called "The Moria Chappell Project."  Moria created the program at the request of Olympia Goulia, the creator and organizer of Tribal Festion in Vienna, Austria.  Moria was asked to create a choreography that would be taught and then performed at the festival's gala show.


The name of Moria's choreography is "The Court of the Red Snake Queen."  It was taught to a collection of 18 women from 7 different countries who came together in Vienna to learn in only three sessions this brand new choreography. 


Beginning on Friday night, the mixed-level group of dancers learned a new choreography and then performed it two days later on Sunday evening.

The Court of the Red Snake Queen

Dancers include Asya (AUT), Barb Dee (AUT), Brigitta (AUT), Ethel Anima (BLR), Evgenia Sharai (BLR), Kat (UK), Kathleen Kiernan (UK), Kira Habibi Lal (UKR), Martina (AUT), Moria Chappell (US), Nadireeh (AUT), Olympia (AUT), Sarafina (AUT), Silvana Desira (UK), Simone (AUT), Tigerlily (UK), Vesna Zorman (SLO), Zahrah (AUT)

“I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance.”

~ George Balanchine







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