Javanese Fusion

JAVANESE FUSION is a dance form that distills the philosophy of Javanese culture through the use of controlled and refined movement.


The goal of Javanese courtly dances is to display an elevated, serene composure vis-à-vis the implementation of slow transitions and graceful poses.

These dances have an introspective quality stemming from the nature of the dance as a pusaka, meaning a “sacred heirloom,”

which has descended directly from the royal ancestors, and which may have an honorary title or confer supernatural abilities.

In JAVANESE FUSION you will learn these movements as an emotional, spiritual, and physical expression derived from ancient

“ancestral treasures” and come to understand that by learning these elegant gestures and poses, a certain numinous quality comes with them.

The following video is an example of Javanese Fusion

from Moria's theatrical show Nocturnal.

The piece is called "Dewi Sri."

Photographers: Dominique Cognee,

Shellie Gilbertson, JP Photography







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