Dance as Ritual

 "Dance is the movement of the universe

concentrated in an individual."

~Isadora Duncan

Dance as Air





DANCE AS RITUAL is based on principles derived from sacred geometry and the journey of every individual evolving spiritually within this physical matrix.

Dance as Fire



In this experiential, ritually oriented workshop, Moria will share the process of uniting your body directly to the powerhouse called the Great Mother, and link your creativity to her Earthy dynamo available through the dynamics of the elements.

Dance as Water

While the goal of all sacred dance is to encircle the inner landscape with specific movements in order to draw the divine from within, the goal of ritual-theatre is to trigger audience members so they instinctively remember their position as the dynamic axis of all motion, in dance as well as in the universe, and achieve what every dancer knows is essential to movement throughout life: balance.


Dance as Earth

When bringing sacred elements onto the stage, the audience is automatically attuned to ages-old memories latent within their psyche.  If you are interested in presenting the Sacred Arts on the stage, this class can help you learn ways in which to present the elements and the “journey to the center” in an engaging, exciting, and provocative manner.

DANCE AS RITUAL is a workshop designed to help dancers add elements from ritual practices found around the world and throughout time into their sacred dance performances.


When synchronizing your Tribal Fusion dance with the Dance of Creation, the audience with automatically respond to your performance at the visceral level. 







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